You Want Sex? by Lbilover

Originally written in 2006 in honor of Global Orgasm Day. (Seriously.) 'You want sex? You got sex. A lot of it.' is a quote from one of Sean's movie characters.

“No, Elijah. I said no, and I meant it.”

“C’mon, Sean, don’t be such an asshole. I’m asking you to make love with me for fuck’s sake.”

“Yeah, for some bogus event called the ‘Global Orgasm’. That’s not what making love with you is about for me, Elwood. It isn’t sex on demand.”

“Jesus, when did you turn into such an old lady?”


“You heard me.”

“Okay. You want sex? You got sex. A lot of it. We’ll create world peace all by ourselves.”


“Elijah? Elijah? Say something. You’re scaring me.”

“You’re gonna win the Nobel with that performance.”