Waldeinsamkeit, by Lbilover

Waldeinsamkeit is a German word which is considered untranslatable into English, but essentially means a yearning to wander alone in the woods.

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Solitude. Frodo had such a craving for it lately. Clear moonless nights called to him in a seductive whisper impossible to ignore. While other hobbits slept snug in their beds, he roamed the leafless woods by the glimmer of the stars, thinking about Bilbo and whether he was alright and if perhaps it was finally time for him to leave the Shire, too, and seek his own Adventure.

Sometimes Frodo thought he caught a different glimmer among the trees, not of starlight but Elf-light. His heart would leap with a wild hope, and he would call out to them to wait; but his hurrying footsteps never caught anything save tree-roots and he was never certain if his eyes had seen truly.

But he believed they had, and that one day the Elves would stop and wait. Until then, he was content to wander alone.


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