Unto the Ending of the World by Lbilover

Inspired by this Shirebunny: When Aragorn begins singing in Elvish, does Frodo translate the words for the other hobbits? 

“Mr. Frodo?” Sam whispered.

“Yes, Sam?”

“I can’t make head nor tail out of Aragorn’s singing. What’s he saying?”

Under his breath, Frodo half-chanted: “Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place I will abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.”

Sam was silent, and then softly repeated, “Unto the ending of the world. If it weren’t for you, sir, the end would already be here for all of us. But now… well, maybe ‘tis cheek for me to say it, seeing as how I ain’t no king, but I’d like to think me and my heirs will abide in the Shire, if not 'til the end of the world, at least for many a long year to come.”

Frodo smiled, a little wistfully, and replied, “My dear Sam, they will; I am certain of it.”

“O’course,” Sam continued, smiling back, “as long as there’s Gamgees in the Shire, there will have to be Bagginses, too, and their gardens for us to tend.” 

But the newly crowned King was approaching; Frodo quickly bowed his head and made no answer, and Sam did not see the sudden look of desolation in his eyes.


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