Understanding by Lbilover

They’re a canny lot, Elves. But they don’t know everything, not by a long road. My master was fretting and tossing in that great bed, and they couldn’t quiet him nohow, and time a-wasting to find the sliver of that evil blade Lord Elrond said was still in there.

I was stood in a corner like some dusty mathom until I couldn’t take it no more. It mightn’t have been my place, but I didn’t care. I pushed right through them and took Frodo’s hand and spoke low to him: “’Tis all right, Mr. Frodo. Your Sam’s here.”

He sighed and settled at once. Bold as brass I said to Lord Elrond, “He’ll lie quiet for you now, sir. But you’d best let me stay.”

Summat shifted in his eyes; he was readjusting his thinking, you might say. Then he smiled and nodded. We understand one another well enough now.