Trapping Sean, by Lbilover

Originally written in 2011 for the Makeout Meme.


Elijah was doing it on purpose and Sean wasn’t amused. He was on a brutally tight leash of restraint as it was, without being teased and tormented. Of course Elijah ordered oysters. And of course he made a big show of eating them, sucking them

right of the shell and then licking the buttery liquid from his lips. All the while his eyes were bright with laughter and an undeniable challenge: Make a fucking move already, Sean. You know you want to.

What, right here at a table in the Green Parrot Café, with Viggo, Orli, Billy and Dom watching?

Fuck you, Elwood, Sean thought, seriously pissed. He stood abruptly. "Men’s room," he said. "Be back in a few." It was the best excuse he could come up with on the spur of the moment. He could feel Elijah’s eyes boring into his back as he fled.

The bathroom was unoccupied, thankfully, no one in either of the stalls. But moments later, before he’d had time to employ any of the techniques he’d learned as an actor to empty his mind and still his body, the door opened and Elijah came in. He turned the lock on the outer door, effectively trapping Sean.

"Unlock the door, Elijah," Sean said in a tight voice.


The flat refusal, spoken with unruffled calm, was the final straw. Sean marched toward

the door, angrier than he’d ever been in his life.

"Move," he barked out like a drill sergeant. Elijah didn’t budge. "Goddamn you, I said move."

He reached out and grabbed Elijah’s shoulders, intending to move him to one side. But as if they had a will of their own, his hands jerked Elijah toward him. The instant their bodies touched, Sean lost all control. His mouth slammed down over Elijah’s, crushing his lips beneath his own, all restraint thrown to the wind.

Elijah, far from resisting, melted into Sean’s embrace and returned his kiss with a fierceness that more than matched Sean’s. And what Sean had believed to be anger was revealed to be passion and an unquenchable thirst for the young man who had turned his life as upside down as everything else in the southern hemisphere. The kiss

gradually gentled; finally, reluctantly, they separated.

"That wasn’t fair."

"I know, but do you have any idea how fucking hard it’s been for me, too? I love you, Sean. This isn’t a whim."

Sean opened his mouth to speak, but Elijah beat him to it. “Stop fighting what’s between us,” he said, and his eyes held Sean’s, that same challenge in their depths.

And finally, before their uncompromising demand, Sean did, letting the truth suffuse his being, accepting his love for Elijah. But it wasn’t with a sense of defeat or resignation that he did so. Rather, it was as if an entirely new world, one filled with hope and promise, opened before him.

“I love you, too,” he said, and actually laughed, giddy with happiness. Why had he waited so long to admit it, he wondered. Well, he’d start making up for lost time, pronto.

But before he could kiss Elijah again, the door handle rattled and a voice said, “Hey, the door’s locked.”

“Oops,” Elijah said guiltily, and giggled. “Guess we better unlock it.”

“Yeah,” Sean agreed with reluctance, never dreaming he’d be anxious to spend time in the men’s room of the Green Parrot Café.

Elijah took the key in his fingers then hesitated. “To be continued later?” he asked, his eyes searching Sean’s face intently.

"To be continued indefinitely," Sean replied. "As in forever."

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