Tied in Knots by Lbilover

The sound of the cascading river drowns out the frantic whimpers and cries torn from Frodo’s throat as Sam, head bobbing rhythmically, pleasures his cock without respite.

Suddenly Sam releases him, lifting his head to admire Frodo’s glistening shaft, bright red and stiff as a rooster’s comb, rising from coarse dark curls. ‘Eh, now there’s as fair a sight as Rivendell’s ever seen, I’ll warrant.’

‘Sam, please,’ Frodo begs. ‘Now is not the time... Oh!’ His cock twitches and spurts.

Sam, grinning, tugs again on the strategically tied rope, and Frodo gives fervent thanks for Uncle Andy and that summer Sam spent tying knots in the Northfarthing.