The Worth of the Shire by Lbilover

Originally written in 2005 for the Shirebunny: When Frodo returns to the Shire, what does he do with the mithril shirt? Does he feel safer wearing it, or is he eager to put it away?

Frodo found the clothing form in a dusty corner of the Mathom-house. The smooth wood was miraculously undamaged; Sharkey’s Men must have somehow overlooked it. He carried it to where Sam, Merry and Pippin were discussing the labour that would be needed to restore the Michel Delving Museum to its former state.

“Some of these display cases can be repaired right enough,” Sam was saying, “but we’ll need to build more.”

And find mathoms to put in them,” Merry added. “Those Ruffians stole or destroyed everything.”

“We should each donate some things from our Journey,” Pippin said.

“Let me be the first, then.” Frodo set the clothing form on a table, and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his mithril corslet. It sparkled brightly in the dim light. “It’s time to return it; I shan’t need it again.”

“Frodo, are you certain?” Merry asked. “Remember what Gandalf said: its worth is greater than the whole Shire.”

Frodo removed the shimmering mail and draped it over the form. The mithril-rings chimed, and the beauty of their song lifted his heart.

Bilbo would say that you could no more set a worth on that, than you could their beloved Shire.

“I’m certain,” he replied.