The Woodjin: Sunday and Thunderstorm by Lbilover

Originally written in 2009 for a drabble meme. My requester gave me the prompts 'Sunday' and 'thunderstorm'.

“Sunday and thunderstorm. Aren’t those two words perfect together?”

“I know two other words that are perfect together: Elijah and distraction.”

“Sean, Sunday is a day of rest in the Pines, and besides you of all people know that you shouldn’t be on your computer during a thunderstorm.”

“Two words: surge and protector.”

“Two words: Sean and stubborn.”

“Angry and cute.”

“Dead and meat.”

“Sexy and vegetarian.”

“You and flatterer.”

“Come and here.”

“That’s and morelikeit.”

“Cheat and er.”

“Don’t and care.”

“Elijah. Elijah…”




“You’re right. Sunday and thunderstorm are perfect together.”

“Love and you, Sean.”

“Me and too, Woodjin.”