The Woodjin Series by Lbilover

The Woodjin is an alternate universe Sean/Elijah series set in the beautiful and mysterious Pinelands of New Jersey. The original story was inspired in part by the legend of the White Stag of Shamong and in part by the word 'woodjin' (a native guide), which I encountered for the first time in John McPhee's seminal work on the Pinelands, The Pine Barrens. I imagined the white stag as a shapeshifter, a human who could change into a white stag at need, and that human as Elijah Wood, the latest in a long line of Woodjins, protectors of the Pines and the people who live there. Into the Woodjin's carefully hidden world stumbles Sean Astin, a lonely and disillusioned man who has stopped believing in magic - until the night he meets the white stag. The Woodjin banner created by Frodosweetstuff.

The Woodjin is the first story in the series. It begins on a cold winter day in January with Sean fleeing from New York City to his beach house at the Jersey Shore to make some long overdue decisions about his future. On the way his car mysteriously breaks down in the heart of the Pines, and when he ventures into the darkling woods in search of aid, he encounters not one but two legends come to life. Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Violence, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen to Adult. Total words: ~170,000.

Other stories in The Woodjin universe, as far as possible in chronological order. Anything tagged 'Inset Fic' takes place during the main story but wasn't written as part of it.

  • The Wish: On a cold January day, Elijah makes a wish. Drama, Pre-Main Story. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 500.
  • Setting Free: It's hard to set someone you care about free. Drama, Inset Fic. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 200.
  • CrystalElijah receives an unexpected visitor, and has a critical decision to make. Drama, Inset Fic. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 3184.
  • Magician Elijah's birthday celebration gets off to a rocky start, until a magician steps in and sets things right. Romance, Inset Fic. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 2526.
  • Protector: A small child is lured into danger by the Devil. Drama, Inset Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 2682.
  • The Wood StoveSean struggles with a sense of belonging after a rough day at school. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 1906.
  • The Audition: Mackenzie meets Elijah for the first time. Drama. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1611.
  • Harvest MoonA question from Sean leads to an unexpected reaction from Elijah. Romance, Drama, Pedicle Play. Rating: Mature. Words: 2361.
  • Sharing in Riches: A hotchpot is the only answer. Drama, Humor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 478.
  • The Watch TowerElijah takes Sean to a slightly unusual location to celebrate their first New Year's Eve together. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 3814.
  • Controlled Burning: Elijah teaches Sean the meaning of controlled burning. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 1358.
  • The Sap Is Rising: Spring with the Woodjin- will Sean survive it? Romance, Humor. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • Sunday and Thunderstorm: Two words that go perfectly together. Romance, Humor, Word Play. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • Barnburner: Sex in the barn. :-) Romance, Schmoop. Rating: Teen. Words: 448.
  • Ahimsa: Sean discovers the true meaning of ahimsa in Elijah. Drama. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 170.
  • Blue Moon: Sean and Elijah's plans to celebrate New Year's Eve in their new Jacuzzi are put on hold when Elijah is injured. It's hard to say who is the more frustrated, waiting for him to recover... Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Pedicle Play. Rating: Adult. Words: 12142.
  • Snow Day: Sean and Elijah enjoy a snow day in the Pines. Romance. Rating: Adult. Words: 10295.
  • The Secret: Mack learns the truth about the Woodjin. Drama. Rating: Teen. Words: 4837.
  • Meaning It This Time: It's hard for Sean to put a patient first, but he tries to make it up to Elijah. Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Language of Flowers. Rating: Teen. Words: 2000.
  • Shore Leave: Sean and Elijah spend a rare day together at the shore. Romance. Rating: Mature. Words: 1517.
  • Fly Free: Not every patient can be saved. Angst, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • Cathedral of Ice: Sean's observations after an ice storm in the Pines. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 148.
  • Close Encounters of the Fowl Kind: The title pretty well sums it up! Humor. Rating: Teen. Words: 3274.
  • The Squirrel Who Ate the MoonSean and Elijah watch the lunar eclipse, and Elijah tells a tale for a special audience. Legends, Storytelling, Romance. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 3556.
  • In the Toilet: Fred alerts Sean to an intruder. Rocky is not amused. The Woodjin to the rescue! Humor. Rating: Teen. Words: 1586.
  • Forever Vigilant: Sean gets called out to see a patient in the wee hours of the morning. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 951.
  • Good SamaritanA couple sets out to explore the Pines, and ends up in need of rescue. Humor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1873.
  • Teamwork: The miracle of birth never gets old. Romance, Schmoop. Rating: Teen. Words: 250.
  • The Business Trip: Sean discovers a pair of stowaways in his suitcase as he packs for a business trip. Humor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 500.
  • Autumn Night: Sean goes for a walk while out of town for a medical conference. Drama, Memory, Psychic Bond. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1168.
  • At Dawn's First Light: In the aftermath of Sandy. Drama. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 125. 
  • Perfect Faith: Tragedy strikes close to home, threatening Sean and Elijah's happy life. Angst, Drama, Original Character Death. Rating: Mature. Words: 9176.
  • The Proposal: Elijah won't let the conventions of the outside world affect his and Sean's love. Drama, Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 1049.
  • The Engagement: Katie doesn't approve of Sean and Elijah's engagement photos, but Bill gets to the heart of the matter. Humor, Schmoop. Rating: Teen. Words: 653.
  • The Rescue: Elijah takes a risky trip into NYC to rescue an injured red-tailed hawk. Drama, Cross-dressing. Rating: Teen. Words: 3777.
  • Pip: Sequel to The Rescue. Elijah and Sean meet an old acquaintance in the Pines. Drama. Rating: Teen. Words: 886.
  • Christmas Morning. Elijah and Sean observe Christmas morning in their own special way. Romance, Nature. Rating: Teen. Words: 837.
  • The Unhappy Patient. Poor Fred has a cold. Dr. Sean freaks out. Minor Angst, Humor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1134.

Seriously: Tiffany is seriously pissed off. A bit of uber silliness I wrote in 2009. An AU of my AU, I guess you could call it. :-) Rating: Teen. Words: 1335.