The True Lovers' Pie by Lbilover

In the language of flowers, amaranth means 'unfading love'.

Amaranth came from the south, or so legend had it. Mayor Baggins-Gamgee brought the plants back from his famous Journey, 'twas said, and used some of the magic dust he'd got from the Elves to help them take root and grow in the Bag End garden. 'Twas also said that the first year only enough flour could be milled from the amaranth seeds to bake a single pie.

The Mayor, who in those days was known as plain Sam Gamgee, baked that pie in the early summer, when the birds were nesting in the hazel thickets, and for the filling he used fresh cream and the first of the ripe strawberries. He gave the pie to his one true love on the first of June, and continued the tradition every year thereafter, until they up and disappeared one autumn, never to be seen in the Shire again (legend held that they sailed away West to live with the Elves, but some said that was stuff and nonsense).

But whatever became of them, the tradition begun by the Mayor carried on. Before long to give a strawberries-and-cream pie to your love on June 1st, a pie made with the finest amaranth flour the Hobbiton mill could produce, was considered a declaration of everlasting love and as good as a proposal of marriage.

The True Lovers' Pie, it came to be called, for legend had it that there never had been two hobbits as much in love as Samwise and Frodo Baggins-Gamgee, and of the truth of that legend no one had the slightest doubt.