The School of Life by Lbilover

For the Fan_Flashworks prompt 'Teaching'. Sean said in an interview that he brought 37 books with him to New Zealand. :-) 

Sean brought precisely thirty-seven books with him to New Zealand, intending to make the most of what spare time he had. Education was vitally important to him; it hadn't ended with his college diploma.

But his self-improvement plan didn't work out the way he imagined. Early on, during breaks on set, he opened those numerous histories and biographies, with every intention of reading them, only to find his gaze straying from the page to his youthful costar.

At the tender age of eighteen, Elijah had traveled alone halfway around the world to undertake a task nearly as arduous as that of the character he'd been hired to play. The weight of fan and industry expectation rested squarely on his slender shoulders, a weight that might have crushed a lesser person. Yet Elijah handled the pressure with grace, professionalism and maturity beyond his years. Even more, he embraced the experience with exuberance and none of the self-doubt and worry that plagued Sean. He could learn a lot from watching Elijah, Sean realized, and set aside his books.

He might have ten years and a college degree on his costar, but in the school of life, Elijah was teaching the master class.