The Gift of Foresight by Lbilover

Originally written for B2MeM 2012 for the prompt 'Relationship, Betrothal'. Warning: No happy ending here.

Frodo didn't want the gift of foresight. But then, it was his possession of the Ring that had given it to him, and no gift bestowed by that accursed thing resulted in other than pain and sorrow.

By all accounts, this particular vision should have brought him joy, for he had foreseen Sam's future: a blushing bride, a Mayorship, children almost too numerous to count. And it did bring him joy to imagine that Sam, dear Sam, had a future bright and filled with all he so richly deserved.

But at the same time it was an unfathomable grief, for in that bright future there was no place for Frodo. His own wishes and desires must be set aside to secure the happiness of the hobbit he loved. He must leave Middle-earth, bequeath all that he had and might have had to Sam. This he would do at whatever cost to himself, knowing himself broken beyond the ability of anyone or anything on this side of the Sea to repair, even his Sam.

The greatest grief lay in the knowledge that the vision didn't have to come true. He could have Sam for his own, for Sam loved him in return. Frodo had only to speak and claim him, as he had once claimed the Ring.

But instead Frodo did what he could not in the Sammath Naur, and resolutely refused to listen to the seductive voice in his mind, painting visions of a future that could not, should not come to pass.

And so it was that Sam Gamgee and Rose Cotton were betrothed, and not a single hobbit present at their wedding, least of all Sam, realised that Frodo Baggins showed a greater strength of will and mind that day than he had at the Cracks of Doom.