The Fellowship of 3019 Series by Lbilover

The original Fellowship of 3019 story is a humorous AU created by Frodosweetstuff wherein a Fellowship reunion is held at the Rivendell Enchantment Resort and the members of the Fellowship scheme to reunite Frodo with a divorced Samwise. I've written a few follow-up stories set in that charming and humorous verse. Rating: Teen to Mature.

  • Definitely Goats: Bilbo and Gandalf try to think of a way to keep Frodo occupied. Humor, Crack, Alternate Universe. Rating: Teen. Words: 651.
  • One Samwise Is Better Than Three: Frodo has a little gambling problem. Humor, Crack, Alternate Universe. Rating: Mature. Words: 5274.
  • A Delivery for the Baggins-Gamgees: Figwit sends the Baggins-Gamgees a certain chair from the Love Mist Suite. Humor, Crack, Alternate Universe. Rating: Teen. Words: 2423.