The Faculty Fan Fiction by Lbilover

Casey Connor of The Faculty is one of my favorite of Elijah's roles. He and Zeke Tyler make a natural slash pair, I think, and the stories you will find here feature the Zeke/Casey pairing. I don't write this pairing any longer, but I am very fond of it and proud of the Faculty fics I've written. 

  • The Ship Meme: 11 ficlets of varying lengths, ratings and types. Rating: Teen to Adult. 
  • When the Lights Went Out: Maybe girls know something after all. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 635.
  • Wicker Zeke: Imagine Wicker Park with Zeke and Casey as the leads. Crossover, Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 200.
  • Winding RoadCasey tries to move on after graduation, but certain memories prove impossible to leave behind. Romance, Angst, Drama. Rating: Adult. Words: 8682.
  • Knight: An unexpected knight comes to Casey's rescue. Implied C/Z. Drama, Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • Nostalgia: Casey and Zeke feel nostalgic (and horny...) Romance, Humor. Rating: Mature. Words: 1300.
  • His Perfect Boyfriend: It's all over - or is it? Alternate Universe, Horror, Dark. Rating: Teen. Words: 595.
  • Making It Better: Zeke discovers he's been having the wrong fantasy. Drama, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 2978.
  • Doing Laundry: Casey's mom was once seventeen, too. Family, Drama. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 250.
  • Doin' the Connor: Casey gets drunk and dances on the table at Delilah's high school graduation party. Delilah is furious. Zeke to the rescue! Romantic Comedy. Rating: Mature. Words: 5047.
  • V.A.I.N.: Casey and Zeke form an anti-Valentine's club. Romantic Comedy. Rating: Mature. Words: 3517.
  • Decorating Zeke's House It's Christmas, and Casey can't believe Zeke hasn't put up any decorations. They head to the attic to find some, and unearth an unusual kind of Christmas tree. Romance, Christmas, Friendship. Rating: Mature. Words: 2208.
  • The Science Experiment: Casey conducts an impromptu science experiment - on Zeke's dick. PWP. Rating: Mature. Words: 200.
  • Genuflection: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Except for Zeke. Post-Invasion, Romance, Halloween. Rating: Teen. Words: 1646.

The Alien Hunters: a series based on the premise that after the invasion, Casey and Zeke spent their lives as rogue alien killers.

  • Tilting at Windmills: Casey wants to save the world. What Zeke wants is Casey. Adventure, Horror, Violence, First Time. Rating: Mature. Words: 4224.
  • The Anniversary: Casey realizes there's something he's never told Zeke. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 1157.
  • All He Needs: Zeke has all he needs. Romance, Future Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 200.

As Long As He Can Still Be Home For This: a series of domestic Casey/Zeke stories in which they deal with the ups and downs of parenthood after having a son named Frodo via surrogate mom Stokely.

casey connor
casey connor