The Chosen Series by Lbilover

The Chosen is an alternate universe series in which Elijah is a vampire and Sean is his 'chosen'. I am not really a reader/fan of vampire stories, but I did very much like Tanya Huff’s Victory Nelson series (the books not the TV show). My vampire 'canon', such as it is, is roughly based on hers. But mostly it’s simply how I imagined being the chosen of one of the undead might be, for right or wrong. 

  • The Chosen: Sean can't stay away, even if he knows he should. Romance, Angst, Alternate Universe. Rating: Mature. Words: 2101.
  • The Chosen Part 2: Sean knows what it's like to want something to the point of madness. Violence, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance. Rating: Mature. Words: 4822.
  • Letting in Sunlight: Sean lets sunlight into Elijah's life. Romance, Drama. Rating: Mature. Words: 956.
  • Vampire Hunter: A vampire hunter comes after Sean. Violence, Angst, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Mature. Words: 1413.
  • Vampire Hunter Redux: Elijah's POV on what happens in 'Vampire Hunter'. Angst, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Mature. Words: 986.
  • Eternity: What eternity means to Elijah. Angst. Rating: Teen. Words: 383.
copy59_vampire elijah
copy59_vampire elijah