The Best of Both, by Lbilover

Written for the word of the day 'beamish', which means bright and cheerful.


'Father! Mother!' The cry broke from Frodo's lips and he jolted awake in bed. He lay in the darkened room, heart pounding sickeningly in his chest, and willed himself back to calmness.

It was years since the nightmare about his parents' drowning had visited him. In fact, he'd thought it banished forever. But was it any surprise that it had returned now, hard on the heels of his decision to leave the Shire, possibly - no, probably - forever?

Another cataclysmic change was occurring in his life and he would be leaving all that was dear and familiar behind him for the frightening unknown. Then, he had had the comfort of his relations in a place he knew well, Brandy Hall. Now...

'Good morning, Mr. Frodo,' said a bright, cheery voice. 'Here's your morning tea, sir, and I've drawn your bath. Mr. Gandalf said to tell you that he's sitting in the garden having a pipe if you'd like to join him when you're ready.'

Sam Gamgee set the cup and saucer on the nightstand then went to the window and drew back the curtains. 'He's a caution and no mistake. Pointed at a toad hopping down the path and said, "That might be you, Samwise Gamgee, if I'd been in a less hasty mood yesterday." But his eyes were a-twinkling and he laughed.'

So did Frodo laugh, surprising himself. But Sam's beamish nature had chased the last vestiges of his nightmare away, more effectively than the golden sunlight now pouring through the windowpanes. 

'I'm very glad he wasn't in a hasty mood, Sam,' Frodo said. 'For I prefer you in your hobbit guise.' He picked up his tea and smiled. 'Tell Gandalf I shall be with him presently.'

'Very good, sir. You'll be wanting your breakfast outside, then?'

'Yes, please, Sam. That will be lovely, thank you.' 

Sam went away, and Frodo sat sipping his tea and thinking how very wrong he'd been. He wouldn't be leaving all that was dear and familiar behind when he left the Shire: he'd be bringing the best of both with him.

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