That Depends; or why Frodo Baggins is the funniest person Sam knows

Originally written in response to the LJ Writer’s Block question: who is the funniest person you know?


I reckon that depends on your definition of 'funny'. See, there's them as can tell a bawdy joke, or take a pratfall, or spin a tale so tall it could touch the Moon, and folk'll say they're funny. And maybe they are.

But let me tell you what I call funny:

That impatient little wriggle Frodo makes with his behind on the mattress when he's waiting on me to undress.

His giggle when I blow in his bellybutton.

How he squeaks like a startled mouse when I pinch his nipples.

The mischievous look he thinks I don't see when he's got me in his mouth and I'm begging him to take me all the way down, but he won't, 'cause he likes to make me beg a while.

When he's come so hard, he don't know where he is or even what day it is, just a-lies there, blinking like a blue-eyed owl.

His look when he comes back to himself, and he says, 'Sam,' as if he can't quite believe I'm real.

And that's why Frodo Baggins is the funniest person I know.

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