Superhero in Training by Lbilover

'Superhero in Training' was inspired by the scene in Elijah's TV show 'Wilfred' that you see in the animated gif to the left. It just cried out for a story to go with it, and the idea of Elijah as an apprentice superhero was too fun not to write. 

Please be aware that this is a dreaded Work in Progress and I'm not sure when it will be finished.

  • Chapter 1: Wherein Sean is tied to the railroad tracks and faces certain death, until he is rescued by a superhero in training.
  • Chapter 2: Wherein Sean enlists a young, earnest newspaper intern to assist him in finding the superhero in training.
  • Chapter 3: Wherein the superhero in training has a performance evaluation with the Caped Lech, aka Batman.
  • Chapter 4: Wherein Sean is once more rescued by the superhero in training.
  • Chapter 5: Wherein Viggo doubts Sean, and the superhero in training puts in an unexpected appearance.
superhero in training
superhero in training