Suburban Mating Call Series by Lbilover

Welcome to the madness that is Suburban Mating Call, one of my favorite verses in which to spend time. This alternate universe series features Sean as an anal retentive, somewhat obsessive-compulsive gay accountant, and Elijah as the world's most incompetent garbageman. When they meet over spilled garbage, it's lust at first sight, but how can these two totally different guys build a life together? I consider this series a sort of combination of a 1930s screwball comedy, the Odd Couple and Frasier. What you will find here: rampant and unapologetic parentheses abuse, offbeat humor, slapstick, absurdity, some hurt/comfort and lots of love and romance and sex (although rarely very explicit). Rating: Teen to Adult.

  • Suburban Mating Call
  • Chapter 1: In which Sean invites his gorgeous yet inept garbageman to dinner.
  • Chapter 2: In which Sean's well-laid plans for dinner with Elijah start to go awry.
  • Chapter 3: In which things only get worse for poor Sean in his attempt to woo his ex-garbageman.
  • Chapter 4: Oh Sean! Sean, Sean, Sean...
  • Chapter 5: In which Sean gets tangled in a web of untruths. Can he ever untangle himself??
  • Chapter 6: In which Sean fumbles his way to a happy ending. OMG, it's a miracle!

  • Suburban Mating Call: A Day in the Life: As he shops for cat food, Sean contemplates his unhappy life, unaware that things are about to take a turn for the better. Set pre-Elijah, but better to read after the first SMC story. Rating: Teen. Words: 5443. 

  • Suburban Mating Call: A Month in the Life: 
  • Chapter 1: Sean wants to ask Elijah to move in with him, but will he ever work up the nerve? Rating: Teen. Words: 3862.
  • Chapter 2: In which Elijah meets Sean's parents and brother for the first time. Rating: Teen. Words: 3449.
  • Chapter 3: Sean and Elijah go to the movies. Rating: Teen. Words: 5340.
  • Chapter 4: Once more Sean fumbles his way to a happy ending. Note: NSFW manip at the end of the story. Rating: Teen. Words: 5276.