Spirited Fan Fiction by Lbilover


  • The Perfect Freedom of Being in Control: Suzy Darling/Henry Mallet. Though I stand in the pool of fear, I am not afraid. He’d said that to her outside the Elysian, and she’d foolishly asked him what a ghost had to be afraid of. Foolishly, for ghosts could love, too, and love is the scariest emotion of them all.  Romance, Ghosts. Rating: Teen. Words: 1831.
  • Changes: Suzy Darling/Henry Mallet. When Suzy returns from spiriting with Henry, she discovers how much has changed. Romance, Ghosts, 3 Sentence Fics. Rating: Teen. Words: 89.
  • Touched: Henry Mallet, Verity Darling. Henry watches Verity singing. Drama, Ghosts, 3 Sentence Fics. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 86.