Silver Lining by Lbilover

Written for the Fan_Flashworks prompt 'Silver Lining'. Set during Book II, Chapter 3 of FOTR, The Ring Goes South.

There wasn't much Bilbo could do to protect his beloved lad, about to set out on a dark and dangerous mission. Feats of daring were beyond him now; no youthful Burglar he, but only an old and weary hobbit. And yet, what he could do, he would, Bilbo decided.

He knelt stiffly by his bed and pulled out the wooden box wherein he kept the mementoes from his Journey. He raised the lid and rummaged through it, eventually taking out a bundle wrapped in an old cloth. The cloth fell away, revealing supple shimmering rings of truesilver. As Bilbo lifted the mithril corslet that Thorin had given him long and long ago and listened to the rings' musical chime, his heart was pierced by the sweetest yet most painful of memories.

'Ah me,' Bilbo sighed, spreading the dwarf-mail across his lap. 'And so I must part with this, too, I suppose,' he murmured. 'But I have no use for it anymore, and if I looked foolish in it back then, I daresay I should look a thousand times more ridiculous now. No, it shall go to Frodo, and perhaps be a silver lining when he is walking through the storm-clouds.'