Seducing Sam: The Rake Reformed by Lbilover

Written for the word of the day 'surfeit'.

'My dear Frodo,' said Reginard Took, encountering his cousin in the Bywater bookshop and seizing the chance to air a grievance, 'you are a sly creature. I vow, if I wasn't so fond of you, I'd be furious with you for stealing a march on me. How odious of you to make off with Lobelia's cook before I ever had a chance to try my luck with him.'

'If you're expecting me to put on a display of remorse, Reggie, you are sadly out of your reckoning. I had no intention whatsoever of giving anyone else a chance with Sam.' Frodo spoke lightly, but with a hint of steel underlying his words. He added, allowing the steel to show, 'Nor will I brook any attempt by you to try your luck with him now or in the future. Poach at your peril; Samwise belongs to me.'

Reggie stared in open-mouthed astonishment for a moment, and then started to laugh. 'Upon my word, Frodo, such unbecoming heat, such unbridled vehemence. But then, that is what comes of consorting with the lower classes.'

'It's what comes of being in love, Reggie,' Frodo corrected him.

'Love.' Reggie shuddered delicately. 'Matters are far worse than I imagined if you are going to prate at me about love.'

'Oh, I don't know,' Frodo's eyes twinkled. 'Love has much to recommend it. I suggest you give it a try.'

'Never,' Reggie declared. 'What, devote myself to one hobbit? Does a bumblebee devote himself to one flower when there are dozens, nay, hundreds from which to choose? Mark my words, Frodo, one of these days you'll discover you've had a surfeit of your Sam and go in search of new flowers to plunder.'

A surfeit of Sam? The very thought was so utterly ludicrous that Frodo could only laugh. 'If nothing else, cousin, you are an amusing fribble. Well, I must be off. My own particular flower awaits me at home.'

With an airy wave of his hand, Frodo departed the bookshop, leaving Reggie to shake his head and reflect that of all the sad sights to be seen in Middle-earth, none was as sad as that of a rake reformed.