Seducing Sam: Flexuous by Lbilover

Written for the word of the day 'flexuous'.

Frodo Baggins was a stunner, a knock-out, a nonpareil as Sam had heard some call him. But he was undoubtedly male, from his cleft and decidedly stubborn Baggins chin to the perfectly formed cock that he had no hesitation in displaying to its best advantage in equally perfectly formed trousers.

But his alter ego, Mistress Lavender? Ah, but she was a dainty thing, flexuous and purrful as a cat and as apt to bat her absurdly long lashes as she was to pout her full lips and declare Sam to be horridly cruel (until she had her way with him, that is).

Sam had never quite appreciated exactly how flexuous she was, though, until the day he found her awaiting him in bed, her frilly skirts and petticoats rucked up around her creamy thighs, and her pouty mouth sucking, as if it were a lollipop, the head of that part of her that was so at odds with the rest.

The sight of the Mistress pleasuring herself in a way that Sam had never believed possible, unless hobbits were made not of flesh and bone but unfired and malleable clay, had Sam halting in his tracks to stare in amazement and no little awe. He stuttered something unintelligible while his cock throbbed to painful life faster than the randiest goat in Farmer Cotton's herd.

Mistress Lavender didn't stop her self-pleasuring, but her enormous blue eyes fixed on the evidence of Sam's reaction and then she glanced up at him with a sultry, albeit mischievous expression, hollowed her cheeks and sucked the harder.

There was nothing for it; Sam quickly freed himself from the confines of his breeches, took himself in hand and stroked fervently. The Mistress was a mistress of the arts of arousal, and never had she inflamed Sam quite like this.

It wasn't long before, with a grunt, Sam came, his seed shooting out in a pearly stream onto the foot of the bed. Mistress Lavender achieved her release at the same time, sucking and swallowing while her elegant toes curled into the bedclothes. When she was done, she sat back, bosom heaving, cheeks flushed, with her legs still wantonly asplay, and smacked her lips.

Then she smiled coyly and said, 'Not quite as tasty or satisfying as my gardener's seed, but there's a remedy.' And she crawled on hands and knees to the foot of the bed, and licked at Sam's creamy offering, lapping it up like a cat.

What happened next was as inevitable as the sunrise: randy goat mated with flexuous cat, to the complete satisfaction of both.

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