Seducing Sam: Decisions, Decisions by Lbilover

Written for the word of the day 'vexatious'. 

It was a most vexatious problem. On the one hand there was his sweet honey-gold Samwise, clad in his slightly-too-snug breeches that molded to his splendid arse and luscious cock. On the other there was a tray of scrumptious pastries made by said Samwise: flaky, buttery, orgasmically delicious. How in Eru's name was a discriminating hobbit of the world supposed to choose between them?

Frodo pondered the matter, nibbling on his thumb and tapping a well-groomed toe whilst he looked from Samwise to tray and back again. Then he smiled, a cat got the cream smile. Who said he had to choose? He could have both.

'Lie down,' he ordered Sam. Sam raised an eyebrow. 'Please.'

'Well, since you ask so nicely.' Sam set the tray on a side table.

'Undress first, of course, sweeting.'

'O'course.' Sam's eyes were twinkling. 'Now, what's got into that funny noggin' of yours, Frodo Baggins?' he asked as as he shrugged out of his weskit.

Frodo picked up a golden cream puff and licked away a suggestive ooze of white cream with his pink tongue. 'Mm, but it will taste even better eaten off your shaft.'

'Lordy.' Sam undressed faster.


'You make a splendid serving tray, Sam,' purred Frodo later, his hand idly rubbing the sticky mess on Sam's belly, only partly raspberry jam and clotted cream.

'You've killed me for certain this time,' Sam said faintly.

'Oh, I do hope not, beloved. Else who will I do this to?'