Playing to His Audience by Lbilover

Written after watching Adrenaline Junkie.

If you love someone, set him free. Sean’s overprotective nature makes it difficult to adhere to this credo, but he lets Elijah go off to Africa for Adrenaline Junkie without a total meltdown—in front of him, at least.

Elijah downplays the danger, punctuating his calls with words like ‘amazing’, ‘unforgettable’, ‘peaceful’, ‘so-fucking-beautiful, Sean’.

But as they settle in to watch the show together, a slight uneasiness in his lover clues Sean in to how bad it will be. And it is bad: free falls, overturning rafts, rock beating scissors (damn it)…

…infectious giggles, sleek-sharp muscles bared and flexing, post-coital sweat and bedroom language…

Safety Hobbit wars with Hobbit in Love. It isn’t even close.

“You okay?” Elijah asks.

“You just had to take off your shirt, didn’t you?”

“Play to your audience, Seanie. Isn’t that what you always say?” His hands go to the hem of his tee shirt.