A Patchwork Family: The Perfect Way to Spend a Rainy Day

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Wind driven rain was lashing at the windowpanes, and according to the weather-wise Sam it was going to continue all day.

'I won't be doing no gardening, that's for certain,' he said, staring out the bedroom window with his hands on his hips.

'Nor will Huan and I have our walk,' Frodo said. 'But we couldn't have gone anyway with his toe still swollen, so perhaps it's just as well.'

'And I've a few inside chores I've been putting off. The parlour chimney's overdue for a cleaning and all the floors need a good waxing.'

Frodo looked at Huan, watching them attentively with his head cocked to one side, and gave an almost imperceptible nod.

The little whippet demonstrated that, swollen toe or not, he was easily capable of jumping onto the bed. After which he flipped up the corner of the blankets with his nose and wriggled his way under them until only the white tip of his tail peeked out.

'Huan knows the perfect way to spend a rainy day,' observed Frodo, just the hint of a smile playing about his lips. 'What do you say to setting aside the chores for once and joining him in our nice warm bed?'

'Is this another conspiracy you and Huan have hatched between you, Frodo Baggins?' Sam asked suspiciously.

'Conspiracy? I don't know what you're talking about, Samwise Gamgee,' Frodo replied, but his eyes were dancing with amusement.

'Hmph. Still, I reckon them chores can wait a little longer. I do like a lie-in on a rainy day.'

'Then by all means let us!' 

Giggling, Frodo dove onto the bed and Sam dove after him, and a giddy tickling, wrestling match ensued that left both breathless with laughter. 

'Oh Sam, we must be mad,' Frodo said when he got back his breath.

'Maybe,' Sam replied, 'but if it means you're happy and laughing, then mad I'll be, and glad.' Then he pulled Frodo close and kissed him breathless again, and Huan, his part in the conspiracy accomplished, retired to his snug basket by the hearth for a nap.


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