Old As You Feel by Lbilover

Written for my 50th birthday.

“Old, am I?” Sean advances across the kitchen like a stalking panther. “I’ll give you ‘old’, Elwood.”

“Sean, I swear,” Elijah says with laughing alarm, dropping the letter he’s been holding, “I was only teasing…”

But it’s too late. With a growl, Sean pounces.

It’s been a long time since they made love on the kitchen table. Too long, Elijah decides, watching Sean clear the surface with an impatient sweep of his arm, the resultant cacophony sending their two cats hissing from the room. This masterful Sean hasn’t appeared in quite a while, and Elijah has almost forgotten exactly how intense a green his eyes can get, and how impressively aroused other parts of him can get. Not to mention just how quickly he can undress them both.

Oh yeah, Elijah thinks as Sean lifts him effortlessly onto the table, pushes him down and covers him with his body. It has definitely been much too long.

“Anything left to say, Mr. ‘I Guess This Means You’re Officially Old Now, Huh Irish’?” Sean asks when he’s proved his point beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Just ‘God bless the AARP’,” Elijah says fervently. “Hey, how often do they send those membership solicitations anyway?”