'No Silks or linens', by Lbilover

Originally written for the Tolkien Weekly challenge 'Unsung Heroes: Laundrymaid'


Filthy, tattered rags. And she was expected to launder and mend them? Surely they were fit only for burning. She took them reluctantly, trying to conceal her dismay.

'Treat these with all honour,' Mithrandir said. 'They were worn by the Periannath, Frodo and Samwise.'

Reluctance turned to awe. 'I will, my lord, I promise.'

She set to work with a will, weeping as she did.

Her tears fell again, but with pride, when the Ring-bearers in their cleaned and mended clothes were set upon the throne by King Elessar, who cried to the assembled company, 'Praise them with great praise!'

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