No Match for Amelia, by Lbilover

Originally written for the 3 Sentence Ficathon for the prompt 'Amelia Peabody (& Author's Choice crossover), Ramses Emerson (& Any), bad influence'. Obviously my crossover of choice was the Lord of the Rings.

“Mama,” said Ramses, holding out the round gold object he’d excavated, “I fwound a wing.”

“You mean ‘I found a ring’,” corrected Amelia absentmindedly, “and that’s very nice, Ramses, but now put it back where you found it at once – context is everything in excavation, as your papa and I have repeatedly told you.”

“Yes, Mama,” Ramses said, and obediently trotted off to rebury the One Ring, silently seething in his hand.

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