No Holding Back by Lbilover

Originally written in 2013 for the Ship Meme prompts 'UST' and 'Smut'.

He knows what Elijah is trying to do. The 'accidental' bumps and brushes, the sidelong glances filled with mirth and something hotter. And it's working. Oh, is it ever working. Sean's rapidly turning into a hot and bothered mess, and he knows that Elijah catches every time he surreptitiously reaches down to pluck at the front of jeans that have gone from roomy to torturously tight. There's no other relief he can find, not in the crowded bar, although both brain and body are offering up plenty of suggestions. They couldn't give a shit where he is. Sean watches Elijah suggestively lick beer foam from his upper lip and whimpers. If they don't get out of there soon, he thinks, he's definitely going to lose what little is left of his mind.

He knew exactly what he was doing to Sean in the bar. Yeah, he was a fucking tease, but Sean can be too careful, too cautious, too afraid of hurting Elijah when they have sex. Elijah wants it all, no holding back, and sometimes the only way to get it is to push Sean over the edge. This is one of those times. Hardly do they get outside then Sean has his hand and is dragging him down the alleyway between the bar and the store next to it, down to the far end that is swathed in shadow. Their footsteps echo in the enclosed, empty space, and as other sounds would echo, too, what happens next happens in near total silence. But somehow, Elijah thinks, as Sean pushes him against the rough brick wall face forward, that only heightens the eroticism. It's all heavy breathing, interspersed with snaps and rasps and rustles. Then Sean's cock, hard and hot, is pushing impatiently between his ass cheeks. Elijah splays his hands against the wall, presses his cheek against it, feels the gritty roughness of cool brick against his skin even as the pulsing satin over steel thickness of Sean's cock fills him. Then the sensations blur and bleed together as Sean moves, not slowly or carefully but with the frantic desperation of one whose tether has snapped. He has claimed Elijah, taken him without foreplay, without painstaking preparation. The feelings are so intense that Elijah bites his lip until he tastes a coppery tang, barely able to hold back the moans wanting to force their way out. Sean has his sweaty face buried in Elijah's neck to stifle his own moans, and his hand is moving roughly on Elijah's cock as his hips thrust-snap-thrust-snap-thrust. The only problem is that it ends far too soon, with a dribble of come sliding down the crevices in the brick, and Sean gasping against his back, still inside him. But Elijah knows that even after he withdraws, the sweet burn of possession will linger, reminding him that he belongs to Sean, and no other.