No Ending by Lbilover

Originally written in 2013 as comment fic at Tol Eressea to go with the artwork below.


How many tears had Sam cried on his behalf? Frodo wondered. Before, he'd been too preoccupied with his own struggles to pay them the attention they, and Sam, deserved. But now that he was free of his burden, there was only Sam. Sam, who had given everything he had to help Frodo achieve the quest and now wept for an ending that held no promise of a new beginning, but only the certainty of death.

'Oh Sam.' His heart aching with love and pity, Frodo leaned in, and gently placing his chapped lips over the single tear trailing through the dirt on Sam's face, kissed it away.

Was it coincidence that as Sam, startled, turned his head, their lips brushed? Frodo could never afterward say, but in that moment, with a flash of insight, he understood that even on the brink of ruin, a new beginning was possible, one that would endure beyond the bounds of the mortal world. Love knew no ending.