Mr. Loquacious by Lbilover

Elijah always knew Sean liked to talk, a LOT, but he never expected his loquacity to extend to the bedroom. Guys didn't talk while doing it, not in Elijah's experience (admittedly not extensive, but enough to prove the point). The most they did was compliment your dick size or give a warning when they were about to come or let out a frantic 'fuck' or 'shit' when things got intense.

Not Sean. With him, making love was an Astin-Wood movie, and he was providing the DVD cast commentary - pretty much singlehandedly as Elijah wasn't the talkative-during-sex type himself.

At first Elijah found it disconcerting as hell to hear Sean expressing his opinion of every single thing Elijah was doing to him or describing how it felt when he did anything to Elijah, more often than not using words that would have scored big had they been playing Scrabble. It was amazing that an act that reduced most guys to the level of grunting cavemen served only to make Sean even more eloquent than he normally was.

Between expressing and describing, Sean barely had time to breath, and even when he came, it was on a tidal wave of words as much as a flood of semen.

Disconcertion soon gave way to other emotions. Who wouldn't be totally turned on by a lover who every second communicated, passionately, that what you were doing to him rocked his world, and that he worshipped every bit of you from head to toe, especially what was in between?

He'd never known sex could be like that, and now that he did? Elijah was spoiled for anyone else forever. Good thing Sean was rendered temporarily speechless in the afterglow, so Elijah could finally have his say and make one thing perfectly clear:

You're mine.