Lord of the Rings FPS by Lbilover


Frodo/Sam is my ultimate OTP and my ain true love. Although I loved Frodo and Sam from my first reading of LOTR in 1970, I didn't slash them until after the movies came out. Searching for fan fiction about them, I came across Heidi Gamgee's beautiful and moving Frodo/Sam story In the Grey Twilight. I had no idea that it was slash, I'd never even heard the word, but as I read it and realized that it was a story about Frodo and Sam being in love, the lightbulb went on. Much as reading LOTR was a transformative event in my life, so was reading her story. Frodo/Sam as opposed to 'Frodo and Sam' felt right and filled a need inside me that I hadn't even known existed. I wrote my first Frodo/Sam story in early 2005 and never looked back. :-) I have written a few other LOTR FPS pairings. You will find links to those at the bottom of this page.

  • Frodo/Sam Series:
  • Fellowship of 3019: Married life with the Baggins-Gamgees. Romance, Humor, Crack, Alternate Universe. Rating: Teen.
  • Golfing Fever: Golfing fever sweeps through Hobbiton with unexpected consequences for Frodo and Sam. Humor, Romance, Drama, Pre-Quest, Golf, Innuendo. Rating: Teen.
  • A Patchwork Family: A post-Quest alternate universe series in which Frodo rescues an abused, abandoned whippet he calls Huan, little knowing how this simple act of kindness will change his life. In the Patchwork Family universe Frodo does not go over Sea, but through the love of Sam and Huan is healed and able to stay in Middle-earth. Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Fluff, Adventure, Domestic, occasional Angst. Rating: General Audiences to Mature.
  • Seducing SamAn alternate universe series in which Sam comes to Hobbiton as an adult to work for the Sackville-Bagginses and Frodo sets out to seduce him. Erotic Romance. Rating: Adult.  
  • Sowsed: Sam acquires a pair of racing pigs, Flower and Fancy, and his new obsession introduces Frodo to the wonders and hazards of pig blindness. Romance, Drama, Humor, Pre-Quest, Established Relationship. Rating: Teen to Mature. 

  • Standalone Frodo/Sam Stories (longer than 500 words):
  • The 1482 Year Itch: Frodo has a surprise for Sam when he arrives in Valinor. Romance, Wing!fic, Valinor Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 1717.
  • After the Storm: On Tol Eressëa, Frodo walks and waits. Drama, Valinor Fic. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 2252.
  • Bed Head: Sam makes an observation about Frodo. Humor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 506.
  • Between Two Lights: Sam's journey to the Undying Lands is nothing like he imagined. Drama. Rating: General audiences. Words: 1952.
  • The Boon: Sam asks a boon of the Lady Galadriel. Romance, Drama, Valinor Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 1974.
  • Catch a Falling Star: Sam invites Frodo to join him and his sisters for some falling star watching. Romance, Pre-Quest, First Time. Rating: 3110.Mature. Words: 3107.
  • Catch Me If You Can: A joyful day at the beach. Romance, Fluff, Post-Quest, Valinor Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 1354.
  • Chicken Soup and a Hug: Frodo has a cold and he's trying everyone's patience. Fortunately Sam knows the cure. Romance, Pre-Quest, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 3993.
  • Chrysalis'Butterflies and rosebushes!' he scolded his son whenever he flew over for a visit. 'Moths and milkweed are better for you and me.' Or, Frodo and Sam as caterpillars in love. Romance, Crack, Humor. Rating: Teen. Words: 821.  
  • Comfort Food: Sam comforts Frodo in the way he knows best: with food. Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Recipe Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 1705.
  • The Contest: Frodo and Sam engage in an erotic contest. Romance, PWP. Rating: Adult. Words: 1091.
  • Curtains; or Frodo wonders if it is really possible to die of Mortification. Parody, Humor. Rating: Teen. Words: 1081.
  • Dwarf-Boots: Frodo makes use of Bilbo's dwarf-boots with comical results. Romance, Humor, Yuletide, Post-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 1133.
  • The Elven Nightshirt I: Frodo makes an unexpected discovery in Sam's pack. Romance, Schmoop, Quest Fic. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 915.
  • Enlightening: Sam could enlighten Mr. Frodo's suitors about a few things. Romance, Humor. Rating: Mature. Words: 762.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring Screenplay (DR, WS Version)A previously undiscovered version of the FOTR screenplay comes to light... Parody, Humor. Rating: Mature. Words: 1149.
  • Firecracker: The fuse is lit and Party or no, Sam needs Frodo then and there. Romance, PWP. Rating: Adult. Words: 1576.
  • The Food of LoveFrodo and Merry are off their feed, so Sam and Pippin consult with Gandalf, who provides them with a recipe that has an, ah, unexpectedly invigorating effect. Romance, Humor, Recipe Fic. Rating: Mature. Words: 3678.
  • Fourteen Days: What happened to Frodo and Sam during the fourteen days after the destruction of the Ring when Aragorn sent them into the 'sweet forgetfulness of sleep'? Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Drama. Rating: Mature. Words: 7629.
  • Gardenella: Once upon a time there was a young hobbit named Gardenella... Romance, Fractured Fairy Tale, Alternate Universe. Rating: Teen. Words: 2604.
  • Harmonious: Sam contemplates food, Frodo, and harmony. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 398.
  • The Hay WainA nap in the hay leads to something more for Frodo and Sam. Romance, First Time, Pre-Quest. Rating: Adult. Words: 4950.
  • An Heir for Bag EndFinding an heir for Bag End proves more difficult than Bilbo expects, until one dark and stormy night... Romance, Humor, Fractured Fairy Tale, Alternate Universe. Rating: Mature. Words: 5332.
  • A Hobbit About Town: Fatty Bolger pays a visit to the Ivy Bush. Humor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1614.
  • Home Fires Burning: In the spring of 1421, Frodo asks a favour of Sam and is surprised by his response. Slightly AU, Post-Quest, Romance, Drama, Minor Angst. Rating: Mature. Words: 3813.
  • The Immortal Poets SocietyFrodo starts a poetry reading society as a means of wooing his gardener. Romantic Comedy, Pre-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 4112.
  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear: Frodo regrets an impulsive action at the Party. Romance, Pre-Quest, Yuletide. Rating: Teen. Words: 873.
  • KeepsakeFrodo faces a crisis in the Emyn Muil. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Quest Fic, Pre-Slash. Rating: Teen. Words: 3201.
  • Lavender Magic: Sam works some magic with a recipe from an old cookery book. Romance, Mystery, Pre-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 2484.
  • A Lesson in Kissing: Beryllium Bolger and Campanula Took think Frodo needs a lesson in kissing and they are the girls for the job. Humor, Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 2052.
  • Looking Proper: Frodo wonders why he can't feel at home in Tol Eressëa. Minor Angst, Drama, Valinor Fic. Rating: G. Words: 930.
  • The Love Story of Frodo and Sam: As told in Tolkien's very own words (just rearranged a little by me). Crack, Irreverence, Canon Heresy. Rating: Teen. Words: 2113.
  • The Magic: Frodo discovers there is still magic at Yuletide. Romance, Post-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 2905.
  • Midsummer Night's Dreams: Elvish magic? Superstitious nonsense? Frodo and Sam find out. Romance, Pre-Quest, Pre-Slash. Rating: Teen. Words: 529. 
  • Mithril in Moonlight: Frodo makes an upsetting discovery. Hurt/Comfort, Humor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 2003.
  • A Most Unusual Library: Recovering in Rivendell, Frodo introduces Sam to a most unusual library. Humor, Meta, Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 1188.
  • The One Rings's Diary: It's not easy being round, unadorned and misunderstood. Humor, Crack, Parody. Rating: Teen. Words: 2918.
  • Party BusinessFrodo enlists Sam's help in putting up a sign. Romance, Pre-Quest, Fluff. Rating: Teen. Words: 1904.
  • NEW! The Remontant Rose: Sam has a surprise for Frodo. Drama, Post-Quest, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 779.
  • Sam's CombThe gifting of foot-combs to an unwed hobbit on his birthday was a Fallohide tradition, or so the legend went. Romance, Pre-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 964.
  • Snow Mischief: Frodo indulges in some snow mischief. Romance, Humor, Pre-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 1107.
  • NEW! Stamp of Approval: Sam meets a special friend of Frodo when he arrives in the West. Valinor Fic, Cats. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 828.
  • Sticklebacks, Where Is That Boy?: The real reason Frodo was sitting under that tree at the beginning of FOTR. Erotic Romance, PWP. Rating: Adult. Words: 2365.
  • Sun and Stars: Sam remembers the day Frodo discovered an unusual blossom in Lórien. Romance, Angst, Post-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 1044.
  • Sweetheart's DayInterfering sisters, too much beer, Tooks and Brandybucks… will Sam survive the run-up to Sweetheart’s Day? Romance, Courtship, Fluff, Humor, Pre-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 8645.
  • Tangled: Frodo has a small problem and asks for Sam's assistance in handling it. Romance, First Time, PWP, Humor, Pre-Quest. Rating: Adult. Words: 4574.
  • The Time Traveller's Ring: And you thought the ring merely made one disappear. Crack, Humor, Time Travel. Rating: Mature. Words: 1061.
  • Triptych: Three views of a long-awaited reunion. Romance, Valinor Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 1024.
  • The Truth: Only Frodo and Sam know the real truth. Humor, Parody, Pre-Quest. Rating: Teen. Words: 965.
  • Very Good, Gamgee: Sam doesn't approve of Frodo's new waistcoat. A Jeeves/Wooster crossover. Humor, Crossover. Rating: Teen. Words: 980.
  • A Visit from Tom Bombadil: A slashy variation on a famous Christmas poem. Humor, Poetry, Doggerel, Yuletide. Rating: Teen. Words: 698.
  • Waltzing with Frodo: Frodo teaches Sam how to waltz. Romance, Pre-Quest, First Time. Rating: Mature. Words: 1563.
  • War PonySam's beloved Bill is sold to the army by his Gaffer, but Sam never gives up hope of finding Bill again, even in the midst of war. Romance, Drama, Crossover, Alternate Universe. Rating: Teen. Words: 2308.
  • What They Took With Them: In Cormallen, the Fellowship watch and worry as Aragorn sends Frodo and Sam into the sweet forgetfulness of sleep. Drama. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 617.
  • Wish with the Candles: Paediatric surgical nurse Sam Gamgee falls in love with handsome, brilliant paediatric surgeon Frodo Baggins, but sees no hope of his love being returned. Romance, Drama, Doctor/Nurse Romance, Alternate Universe, Hobbits-in-modern-society, 1970s Era, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 43327.
  • Wishful Thinking: When Frodo awakes in Rivendell, he discovers that he can make wishes come true. Of course, he immediately thinks of Sam. Romance, Humor, Quest Fic. Rating: Teen. Words: 2630.
  • Worth Beyond Beauty: Frodo possesses a worth beyond beauty. Romance, Language of Flowers. Rating: Teen. Words: 1160.

  • Other LOTR FPS Pairings:
  • Bilbo Baggins/Hamfast Gamgee:
        Stay-at-Home: An ice storm brings two lonely hobbits together. Angst, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Adult. Words: 8267.
  • Merry/Pippin:
        Like Falling Asleep Again: Merry finally understands what Frodo meant. Drama, Major Character Death. Rating: Mature. Words: 1515.
  •     The Food of LoveFrodo and Merry are off their feed, so Sam and Pippin consult with Gandalf, who provides them with a recipe that has an, ah,     unexpectedly invigorating effect. Romance, Humor, Recipe Fic. Rating: Mature. Words: 3678.
  • Frodo/Éomer:
        Air Like Wine: The effect that Frodo has upon Éomer. Romance. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 100.
  • Sam/Other:
        Moon Watch: If only the moon weren't so bright... Angst. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • Shadowfax/Bill the Pony:
  •     No Roundaboutation: Sam helps the course of true love. Crack, Horse Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.