Like That by Lbilover

He likes Sean to get rough with him sometimes. Not 'oh you're so naughty spanky-spank' rough but 'I want you so badly right here right now' rough, 'don't think, don't prepare, push you up against a wall and fuck your brains out' rough, 'just unzip, pull it out, ram it home' rough.

He knows how to get Sean where he wants him, so aroused he wouldn't notice if they were doing it in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard in the middle of the day. He fucking adores the incoherent sounds that are all Mr. Eloquent can manage when he's got Elijah where he wants him, bent over the nearest flat object, and he's fucking Elijah like some animal without finesse or tenderness, using him to get his rocks off, not even caring if Elijah comes, too.

Later he'll apologize, carefully spread Elijah's ass cheeks and lave his sore anus with the flat of his tongue then slowly stimulate over-stimulated nerve endings by tongue-fucking him until Elijah is the mindless one, writhing in the blankets whimpering 'ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck' and coming with an intensity that can momentarily black him out.

Apology orgasms are mind-blowingly brilliant. But that's not why he does it.

He does it because he knows that Sean needs him like that sometimes to quiet the chaotic jumble of his brain, and whatever Sean needs, he'll make sure he gets it.

Because love is like that.