In the Merry Month of May by Lbilover

Originally written for National Masturbation Month (yes, it really exists...)

"Honestly, Sean," Elijah said in disgust as he dropped onto the couch next to his partner. "Where the fuck do they come up with this shit?"

"Who are 'they' and what is 'this shit'?" Sean inquired mildly, looking up from the script he'd been perusing.

"Whoever it is that comes up with all these special months. Everything has to have a fucking month nowadays. You know, like National Ingrown Toenail Month."

Sean raised his eyebrows. "Do I assume there is a point to this rant, Elwood?"

"Of course. I just found out what May is, Sean. You'll never guess, believe me."

"May. Hmm." Sean thought for a minute. "Well, let's see. It's National Mental Health Month. I don't know what's so bad about that?"

"Not even close."

"Um, National Arthritis Month?"

"Nope, far too tame. Try again."

"All right then," Sean quipped. "How about this: National Wanking Month."

Although he'd intended to be humorous, Sean didn't expect quite the reaction he got: Elijah laughed so hard he fell over sideways on the couch. "Ahhahaha! You are fucking brilliant, Astin, you know that? As a matter of fact, you're right: it's National Masturbation Month."

Sean folded his arms across his chest and regarded Elijah thoughtfully. "It is, huh? So, how exactly we are supposed to celebrate National Masturbation Month?" he inquired, a sudden twinkle appearing in his eyes.

"Jesus, Sean! How do you think we're supposed to celebrate it?" Elijah rolled his eyes in patent disbelief.

"I don't know, Lighe. Why don't you tell me? Or even better," Sean added slyly, as if struck by a sudden inspiration, "why don't you demonstrate for me?"

"What?" Elijah sat bolt upright as if the couch had suddenly become too hot to touch.

"You heard me. Demonstrate. Touch yourself, pleasure yourself, wank off, jerk off, masturbate: I'll leave the exact wording to you."

Elijah gave Sean a suspicious look. "Are you taking the piss out of me?"

"Absolutely not."

Elijah stared. The twinkle had vanished; Sean's changeable eyes had deepened to an intense jade green. His expression was one that Elijah recognized well, and it sent a jolt of sensation rocketing straight to his groin. His comfortably ratty jeans suddenly felt several sizes too small. His pulse leapt into overdrive and his heart began to race.

"I can't imagine a more beautiful sight in the entire world than you pleasuring yourself," Sean said with a heated look that threatened to melt Elijah into a puddle. He added in the softest, most seductive voice Elijah had ever heard him use, "Come on, Lighe, do it. Do it for me. Touch yourself."

Elijah was completely mesmerized by Sean's eyes, by his voice. His body's response was immediate; a flush of heat swept through him from head to toes, and his cock swelled uncomfortably against the fly of his jeans. Without conscious thought, his right hand crept down and pressed against his crotch. He gave a small moan, and pressed harder, eyelids fluttering down as he circled the ball of his palm over the hardening ridge.

"Nuh-uh," Sean said. "No fair closing your eyes. And the visuals will be much more effective if you're undressed."

Elijah's eyes snapped open. "The visuals?" he repeated, incredulous. "Oh, you are so fucked now, Irish," he said, holding Sean's gaze as he grabbed the hem of his yellow tee shirt in his hands and pulled it with excruciating slowness over his head. He twirled it in the air a couple of times then sent it sailing across the room with a panache that would have done credit to a professional strip teaser.

A fine sheen of sweat broke out on his chest and his nipples puckered and hardened under the smoldering glow in Sean's eyes as he watched the opening moves of the show. Oh shit. Best laid plans and all that. His cock was now so painfully hard that the slow, seductive undressing he'd planned simply wasn't possible. Instead, Elijah hastily unzipped his jeans, shoved them and his plaid boxer briefs down to his ankles and kicked them off. He fell back against the sofa cushions with a desperate sigh, raising his right knee and allowing that leg to splay to the side. Then he took his swelling cock in his fist and began to stroke himself firmly.

"Oh sweet Jesus, Elijah," Sean breathed as he took in what surely had to be the most erotic sight anyone had ever been privileged to witness: Elijah sprawled naked against the dark gray leather, rolling and squeezing his sensitive balls in one hand, while the other worked his cock from base to tip, pausing to thumb the slit in the flared head, spreading the slick clear fluid that was starting to well up. His cheeks were hectically flushed, his skin was moist with perspiration, and his knowing eyes, dark with arousal, held Sean's captive as he placed his now-wet thumb between his rosy lips and sucked on it, giving Sean such a suggestive look that it was a wonder he didn't burst into flames on the spot.

Satisfied with the result, Elijah returned to his stroking, but his other hand traveled languidly upward, fingertips trailing along the tender crease of his thigh, through the nest of dark curls to the soft, damp round of his belly. They circled the shallow well of his navel then moved upward to toy with first one tightly budded nipple then the other. Short, breathy moans worthy of a phone sex expert accompanied each flick and pinch. His nipples were, as Sean knew from experience, exquisitely sensitive.

Oh god, it was sheer torture to sit and watch. Sean was so aroused he could barely restrain himself from jumping Elijah like a hormone-crazed teen. Well, he'd asked for it, hadn't he? And Elijah was delivering, shit, was he ever delivering.

"Liking... what... you're... seeing?" panted Elijah, the rhythm of his hand on his cock increasing until it was a frantic blur of motion while his hips bucked helplessly.

"God, Lighe, you know I am," Sean whispered, dry-mouthed.

"Good, but- ungh- the show- fuck- is almost- fuuuuuuuck- over," Elijah gasped, unable to prevent himself from rushing to a climax; his hips snapped up: once, twice and then with a sharp cry, he flung back his head. Creamy spurts of pearl-white come spattered on his belly; he collapsed, his chest heaving. "Fuck it, I'm sorry, Sean," he said weakly. "I wanted to make it last longer, but I couldn't, not with you looking at me like that." He groped for his discarded boxers and swiped at himself, tossing them away when he was done.

"Don't you dare apologize, Elijah," Sean said as he fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. "That was the hottest fucking thing I've seen in my entire life." He shrugged out of his shirt and stood to pull down his jeans and boxers, struggling with an impressive erection that kept getting in the way. He swore in frustration and finally yanked them off, then lunged for the drawer where they stored extra lube. Sean pulled on the handle so hard that the drawer flew right out, spilling its contents onto the carpet, but he only snatched up the plastic tube from the mess and popped the cap.

"I swear to God," he said, sounding truly desperate as he squirted a large blob of the clear gel into his palm, "if I'm not inside you within the next thirty seconds, Elijah, I'm going to embarrass myself for the first time since I was in high school."

Elijah giggled, hugely pleased by the success of his demonstration, and obligingly turned over onto his stomach, sliding a cushion under his hips. "Well, shit, Seanie, then stop talking and fuck me."

So Sean stopped talking and did.

"Just think, it's only May 1st," Sean purred later into Elijah's ear. "That means I have thirty more of your performances to look forward to. I can die a happy man, Elwood."

Elijah yawned, rubbing his cheek against the crisp hair on Sean's chest like a sleepy cat. "No, you can't, because we're gonna take turns, and it's your turn tomorrow. You don't think you're the only one who gets to die happy, do you?"

"M'kay," Sean murmured drowsily. "Sounds like a plan. And then there's next May..."

"And the May after‚" Elijah murmured back. "They sure the fuck know what they're doing with these special months, don't they?"

"Changed your tune, huh?"

"Yep. I'm now a true believer."

Sean chuckled and snugged Elijah closer, and they slept.