Gay for Elijah by Lbilover

He knew the odds as well as anyone. Resolutely heterosexual guys didn't fall in love with another man. Sean was mixing up his feelings, that was all, confusing the Frodo/Sam dynamic with their real life selves. Or maybe he was simply bi-curious. But whatever the reason it couldn't be serious. It couldn't be lasting. It couldn't be real.

He tried to resist Sean's wooing. He honestly did.

"It won't work, Sean. You're not gay," he told him.

"I'm gay for you, Elijah."

"That's not possible. The real world doesn't work that way. It's just some romanticized ideal you have, a fucked-up dream. When we're home again, you'll see that I'm right."

Well, they returned home, and Sean didn't let up. Phone calls, emails, flowers even. There was only so long a guy could hold out.

This is insane, Elijah thought, nervously pacing as he waited for Sean to arrive at his house. He's going to break my heart, goddammit.

"You're going to break my heart, Sean," Elijah told him next morning, as he watched him dress and prepare to leave for his other life. "You can't be gay for one guy."

"You're wrong. What will it take to convince you?" Sean asked.

"More than a great fuck." It was unfair, Elijah knew it, but terror could do that to you.

"Ouch." Sean winced. "Look, I have to go, but I'll be back. Next time it will be for good."

Elijah shut his eyes, refusing to believe. He heard the door close and figured that was it. Sean would now return to his tidy hetero life of wife and kids. Experiment over.

Oh, he was so totally fucked.

Years passed. Sean turned forty. For his birthday, Elijah gave him a gold ring, engraved with three letters: GFE

Gay for Elijah.