Gardner's Gift

A sequel to Good Shire Earth. Can be interpreted slashily if you want.

The garden was small but exquisite, and completely unexpected. It grounded Sam as nothing else in this strange land could. He was astonished to see so many flowers and plants he knew; why, it could almost be a little corner of Bag End brought over Sea.

“You did this all by yourself, Frodo?” Sam turned wondering eyes on his companion.

“I did have some help,” Frodo admitted, smiling.

Sam looked around him, as if expecting an army of spade-wielding Elves to appear.

“Not Elves, my dear. This.” Frodo reached inside his tunic and removed a small box of plain grey wood with a silver ‘G’ rune on the lid. “And the good Shire earth inside it. I tried to use it well, as you would have done.”

Sam blinked against sudden tears. “The Lady’s gift.”

Your gift. But it’s time now it returned to your keeping, where it belongs.” Frodo placed the box in Sam’s palm, and gently closed his fingers around it.

Sam shook his head. “No, Frodo, ‘tis yours, to- to remind you of home.”

“So it has,” Frodo said softly. “But Sam, my dearest Sam, I no longer need any reminder of home- for I have you.”