Gaposis, by Lbilover

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Written for a friend's birthday for the word of the day 'gaposis', which means "a noticeable gap or series of gaps, as between the fastened buttons or snaps on an overly tight garment."


"Button-fly jeans are much better than zip fly, Irish," Elijah argued, taking a pair off a shelf in the trendy LA men's store into which he'd dragged his reluctant costar. He batted his ridiculously long eyelashes. "At least try them on. For me? Please?"

Sean caved. When Elijah used those lashes, he was toast. "I'm still not convinced, but if it'll make you happy, Mr. Frodo, I'll try them on." 

He took the jeans and disappeared into a changing cubicle at the back. After a few minutes he poked his head out and gestured to Elijah to come in. "Well, what do you think?" he said.

"What do I think?" Elijah half-squeaked. "I think gaposis is going to be the death of me."

Sean looked confused. "Gaposis? Are you fretting about that space between your front teeth again, Elwood? Because if so, let me tell you that if you even think about having it fixed..."

"Nooo, that's not the gaposis I'm talking about. I'm talking about that." Elijah pointed at Sean's crotch, where the metal buttons strained against a sizable bulge, so that a noticeable gap was evident between each one. "Shit. I knew you'd fill them out nicely, but hot damn, not that nicely." He reached out and ran a forefinger lightly over the evidence.

Sean let out a strangled gasp. "Jesus, Elwood, are you trying to get us arrested? We're probably on camera right now."

"We could give them a show," Elijah suggested, pressing harder, but Sean firmly removed the errant finger. "Spoilsport. All right, I'll wait outside while you change. But hurry up," he added, a wicked sparkle lighting his blue eyes. "I want to get you home and into these jeans, so I can take them off you again - button by button, nice and slow."

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