Funny Face: Say Cheese by Lbilover


"Je voudrais manger un morceau de..." Elijah stopped and wrinkled his nose. "How do I say 'cheese' again?"

"Fromage," supplied Sean, pausing in his leisurely exploration of Elijah's bare stomach. He stretched out one arm and plucked a piece of very ripe, very soft and very excellent Brie from the cutting board. "Voila! Fromage." He held it to Elijah's lips so that he could take a bite. "Bien?"

"Oui." Elijah smacked his lips.

Sean pulled off the rind from the remainder of the piece and discarded it. Then using his finger as a knife, he spread the gooey cheese over Elijah's stomach as if it was a baguette.

"Sean, what are you doing?" Elijah giggled.

"Je voudrais aussi manger un morceau de fromage," he replied and bent to bite at it.

Elijah gasped and whimpered. His skin broke out in goosebumps and his cock jerked and twitched.

"Ah," Sean said, observing it, "un autre pays est entendu." He grabbed more Brie and spread it along the length of Elijah's cock, after which he licked and nibbled it away, humming with delight, and kept licking and nibbling until Elijah, mindless with arousal, was on the verge of climax.

"Je voudrais manger," whispered Sean hotly, "un morceau de sperme." He closed his lips firmly around the head of Elijah's cock and sucked hard. With a cry, Elijah arched up from the couch and came in Sean's mouth.

When he finally slumped back, spent and panting, Sean released him and looked up. "Monsieur est servi," he said smugly.