Frodo/Sam Recs by Lbilover


In the Grey Twilight by Heidi Gamgee.

ItGT has to be the first rec I make, as it was the first Frodo/Sam story I ever read. Indeed, it was the first slash story I ever read, and so it is very special to me. Over the years, I've re-read the story many times and it does, thankfully, hold up beautifully to multiple readings.

The fic is set post-Quest, and deals with Frodo's realisation that he is deeply in love with Sam and with his struggle to keep his feelings hidden. Sam meanwhile is married to Rosie, but is clearly struggling himself with balancing marriage and his commitment to Frodo. The writing is beautiful, the emotions heartfelt. There is a great well of tenderness underlying ItGT, tenderness between Frodo and Sam, between Frodo and his cousins, and clearly in how the author feels about the characters. Heidi Gamgee's Rosie might not appeal to everyone, but she is less a shrew than a woman caught in a situation she can't quite understand, because the experiences Frodo and Sam shared on the Quest are beyond her ken. Without spoiling the ending, I will say that I found it deeply satisfying.

Here is a favorite quote from the story: His feelings for Sam took on a fever pitch most of the time, whirling in unending confusion and conflict. Sam filled too many roles in Frodo's life, obscuring any solid truth of their relation. How could he describe a friendship that had gone to the very end of the world? How could he name a love that carried the weight of Middle-earth on its shoulders? He had been presumptuous, he thought they'd crossed irrevocably over the line, leaving plain friendship behind in the waters of the River Anduin. How could two people ever separate after such an ordeal? Why did they have to grow used to sleeping alone again, when the close entanglement of their limbs had been natural, accepted, and desired?


Far and Away by Acer Canadensis.

Thankfully the website where this fic is located still exists, although it hasn’t been updated since 2002. Acer Canadensis wrote several Frodo/Sam fics, although she calls them “slashable nonslash”, so you can see slash if you want or consider their relationship non-erotic love.

This is a beautiful, heartfelt and magical story about Sam after Rosie dies and how he answers his call to the Sea. The writing is exquisite, filled with loving details of the Shire. The characterizations, especially of Sam, are superlative. This is one of the best-written, truest to Tolkien Sams you will find anywhere. But those of Sam’s children who put in appearances are also wonderfully drawn as is another character, who shall remain nameless for the sake of spoilers.

Here is the opening paragraph of the story, which is typical (in the best sense of the word) of Acer Canadensis’s writing : A wisp of steam rose slowly from between Sam's hands as he gazed out of the kitchen window. He lifted the mug after a moment, wrapping gnarled and callused fingers more tightly around it to enjoy the warmth, pleasant in the cool breeze that fluttered the curtains on this first day of autumn. The moon was just setting behind the clump of tall young oaks across the lane, conjuring sweet night-smells from the garden outside and blanketing the distant hills in silver. It was there that his eyes rested, his mind looking beyond the dips and swells of the land to the point where the Mariner's star had gone to rest an hour or so before.

Divertissement by Kaybrand.

Author's summary: Frodo decides to seduce Sam, but that's easier said than done. Written in diary format. Pre-quest and before Bilbo's departure.

I adore this story, which is written in diary format. It's so funny and Frodo is so utterly adorable and so totally oblivious that you just want to squish him (or watch Sam squish him). Rather than babble on, I'll quote a section to give you a taste of the delights in store:

As for the incident with the toast, that's been blown entirely out of proportion! I was merely distracted by the sight of Sam's strong and capable hands peeling apples for a pie. I really do believe that is the only time in my life when I've wished with all my heart to be an apple, which is odd since the idea of having the skin peeled off of me with a knife and then being sliced into pieces, garnished with cinnamon and sugar, and put in the oven really doesn't appeal to me at all, in fact, I find it quite horrifying. Uncle Bilbo shouldn't be so judgmental! After all, philosophy is a noble pursuit, and what could be more philosophical than wondering if apples experience pain?

This is definitely one of those fics to read when you're feeling blue. It will cheer you right up.

Histories Asunder by Amanda.

Author's Summary: Gollum has bitten off Frodo's finger and has fallen into the Crack of Doom with the Ring. Everything is as per book canon up until that moment but from then on things take a decidedly unexpected turn.

This is a wonderfully imaginative story. The decidedly unexpected turn is indeed that. I won't spoil it for you if you haven't read the story, but be prepared for anything. :-) While I won't hold it up as a peerless example of style or characterization, still the task Amanda set herself wasn't easy, and she is an excellent storyteller. If you're looking for a long, lush Frodo/Sam story to sink into, this should fit the bill. You will definitely find yourself reading on to see what happens next! I love the ending, too.


Over There by Cimorene

I adore Cimorene's writing and I adore 'Sam preparing to join Frodo in Valinor' stories, so this is a match made in heaven. Moving and ultimately hopeful, the story features a beautiful characterization of Sam. Here is a sample:

One night he awoke and couldn't, quite, remember what it was he dreamt about; but he was sweating and cold, and had no way to feel better but to go to the kitchen early though it was and make himself up a nice pot of tea, which he took out in the garden to drink surrounded by his plants and flowers.

More than once somebody'd offered to take over the tending of the Bag End gardens for him, but if there was one thing Sam wouldn't never be too old for it was the garden. He didn't tell no one, but in his mind the garden was Mr. Frodo's still after all these years, and he could no more give it to somebody else to care for than he could have stayed in the Shire all those years ago when he heard his beloved master was all set to go for foreign parts and in dangers unknown.

So Sam sipped his tea and watched the sun rise over his poppies, and spent a little while singin to the peas and cabbages and onions in the vegetable plot. Nobody could tell him it didn't make them grow better. He knew the plants knew when they were loved, just like people did.

Hope Unquenchable by AZ Telcontar

This is a truly lovely post-Quest Minas Tirith fic that references Tolkien's haunting poem The Sea-Bell (or Frodo's Dreme). There is a quiet intimacy to the story, and Frodo and Sam are so truly one. It has a wee bit of angst, some lovely hurt/comfort and it's beautifully written. Here is a sample:

The streets were hushed and quiet, the calm peace that comes after great suffering, the joyous flush of victory celebrated lingering in the air like gentle music and lovers sighs. Now would come the time of memorial and renewal. In that dim light of new day's break the call of the morning bells rang out, the memorial peal to remind those remaining that they must rebuild that which had been so painfully defended and won.

Corsleted Cupid by Ghyste

The first of a hysterically funny series set on Tol Eressea in which Gimli tries to play matchmaker and bring Frodo and Sam together. His numerous attempts result in mayhem and misunderstandings (and possibly some white hairs for Legolas). All four stories in this series are gems. Ghyste really knows how to write humor and you just can't help but fall in love with her Gimli. 

frodo-and-sam (3)
frodo-and-sam (3)

Endurance Beyond Hope by Frayach

This is one of those stories that takes your heart, smashes it into a million bits and then slowly starts to put it back together again. I consider this story almost without peer in the Frodo/Sam fandom. Few stories are as exquisitely written, give such a strong sense of place and hobbit culture, or are as profoundly moving. Here is one small example of her writing:

Merry had been surprised to discover how much Sam seemed to love to write letters. They'd arrive regularly, painstakingly sealed with crimson wax, and their pages always smelling of fine pipeweed and the ethereal scent of Frodo's study - that unreproduceable mixture of old books and spearmint tea and Frodo himself. They were full of news, full of detailed descriptions of various projects, full of reports on his children and nieces and nephews. But they were also strangely whimsical and often contained inscrutable little rhymes and sketches of exotic flowers or bright-eyed animals peeking from holes or... seashells. Dozens of them of every size and pattern, their whorled tips so keenly detailed that Merry often found himself wondering if Sam had maybe, just maybe, gone back.

Just a beautiful, beautiful fic.


Spirit by Cara Loup

Cara is the most lyrical and profound of Frodo/Sam writers. Her writing is poetic, her imagery is unsurpassed, and her understanding of Tolkien so deep that reading her fics and essays is an important education for anyone who loves this pairing. In this particular story, she feeds the deepest yearnings of those of us who need Frodo and Sam to be together, but she also addresses the scars, especially Sam's, of their long separation. It's simply a beautiful, heart-rending but ultimately uplifting story.

Of a sudden, there's music on the air. A fierce music riding the foam such as he's never heard before, save perhaps in his dreams. It's piercing the clouds, it's swirling out of the fogs ahead. The ship glides through those veils, through a fine mist of rain as seems to arise from every direction. It settles on Sam's face, his hands, softer than tears, air more than water.

He peers out past the prow, and there's a scrap of silvered green teasing his sight. Washed in and out with swells of the song coming from nowhere. Voices like these can't rise from any throat, chest or tongue. They cut and scythe in wide arcs, bound to nothing as the coast draws nearer. Now the music burns in colours, and Sam can hardly breathe. Green dappled gold, rolling far and wide, bathed in smells of spring and sunrise.

He thinks of apple trees.

He thinks of Frodo laughing, wild curls and flashing eyes, a long life ago.

He thinks he will shatter if he sets one foot on this luminous green shore where he doesn't belong.

The music has narrowed to a single voice, fierce as the clutch in his breast. It's more familiar now, the sharp tune of a fiddle climbing the sky, a high note stretched out so thin, it will tear any moment. It glistens like the sunlight and carves round the single figure on the shore. A shadow against the sun, the blinding daylight and all its colours spilling free about him.

The ship has entered safer waters so near the coast, but Sam can feel every tilt of plank, every lap of wave titter through his marrow, reeling worse than a storm. That thin, arcing note has caught with a hook in his throat, and he's pulled ashore by its sharpest point.

He's afraid to look, but he can't look away neither. Then the music trembles and the high note splinters, and there's only blessed silence.

Can it be?


In the Undying Lands sequence by Laura Athena. This consists (thus far) of three stories:

In the Undying Lands - The elves of Tol Eressëa are filled with wonder when a strange, ragged ship is seen from the tower of Avallonë. But Frodo knows who sails west at last.

Master and Beloved - Sam's second night in Tol Eressëa.

Second Sunrise - Sam wakes after a night spent with Frodo on Tol Eressëa.

This sequence is heartfelt and beautifully written, with so much tenderness and love for the characters evident. Unfortunately, does not allow copying and pasting of text, so I can't include a snippet as I normally do, but the writing is lyrical, the descriptions of Tol Eressëa bring it to life, and the characterizations of both Frodo and Sam are spot-on. I sincerely hope Laura Athena will write more Frodo/Sam. It's a rarity these days to find new Frodo/Sam stories, especially of such exceptional quality. Note: the lovely drawing of Sam that accompanies this rec was also done by Laura Athena.