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Includes a few lines from the chapter 'The Field of Cormallen' and influenced by these lines from an alternate version of Sam's song in the Tower of Cirith Ungol that was published in HoME:

But still I sit and think of you;

I see you far away

Walking down the homely roads

on a bright and windy day.

It was merry then when I could run

to answer to your call,

could hear your voice or take your hand;

but now the night must fall.


You called to me from the lane, and I ran to you. 

“Will you come with me?” you asked, holding out your hand.

“To see Elves, sir?”

“Maybe someday,” you laughed.

The wind was in your hair and light in your eyes. I took your hand and thought that I’d follow you anywhere.


“Come, Mr. Frodo, let’s go down the path at any rate,” I said. I couldn’t give up, somehow, even amidst the ruin of the world.

“Very well, Sam, if you wish to go, I’ll come,” you said, but no hope was left in your eyes.

But I held your poor hand, and you followed me, and beyond all hope we were saved.


“Mr. Frodo!”

I called to you, and you waited as I ran up the lane.

“Rosie’s taken Elanor to the farm,” I said. “I could go with you, for a little ways at least.”

“For a little ways, yes,” you said. “I’d like that, Sam.”

The wind was in your hair and colour in your pale cheeks, but sadness dwelt in your eyes and I wondered at it.


The light of the star-glass glimmered and died. Night fell. You’d gone where I couldn’t follow.