Fanfiction of My Fanfiction

I've been exceedingly blessed to have a number of superb writers and artists create works based on my stories. The artwork is posted in the gallery (unless it was created for a specific story). Here you will find links to the fanfiction, arranged by universe. 

The Woodjin Universe:

  • The White Fawn by Elycia. PG. 

    Summary: It's Christmas, Elijah's mom Debbie is visiting, and old family tensions are raised by the gift that Sean gives to her.

    Elycia wrote this story for me in 2008 as a thank-you for (finally) finishing my story 'The Woodjin'. This story is particularly special to me for its deep insights into the characters and how true it is to the themes that I tried to explore when writing the original story. Some basic knowledge of the Woodjin verse is probably helpful, but in point of fact, this story can stand on its own. Enjoy!

    Sean rubbed his eyes furtively, hoping their company wouldn't notice how very tired he was--and he if was weary, Elijah had to be ten times more so. Yet, the Woodjin was cheerful and animated, sitting cross-legged amidst a veritable litter of crumpled wrapping paper, wholly immersed in playing a game with his brother on the new Xbox system Sean had given him. Pursing his lips, Sean studied the slightly red rims around the bright blue eyes, having seen that symptom of exhaustion enough times now to recognize it as a hallmark of one of Elijah's transformations. Glancing to his right and then to his left, Sean noted that Debbie and Hannah were carefully watching Elijah, too, and he sighed. The previous night's call was like the proverbial elephant standing in the middle of the room; nobody dared bring it up for discussion, but it could no sooner be forgotten than a two-ton pachyderm, especially when everyone could clearly see the bruise that covered most of the upper-right quadrant of Elijah's face.