Face to Face by Lbilover

They knelt naked in the middle of the bed, face to face, silent and unmoving. Failed relationships had robbed Sean of his volubility and Elijah of his fearlessness. This wasn’t New Zealand in the heady days of the Lord of the Rings. This was eleven years older, eleven years more jaded about life and the possibility of happily ever afters.

The adrenaline rush of their reunion coupled with the knowledge that both were finally unattached had swept them headlong into Elijah’s house and bed. Now a strange inertia held them in its thrall, belying the hum of sexual tension that had cocks erect and skin fever-tight with desire, because it wasn’t about sex, it never had been.

It was, and always had been, about love.

Time crawled past. Neither could muster the courage to close the gap between them. Small though that gap was, their knees bare inches apart, metaphysically it was a thousand miles wide. The beacon of hope kindled inside them might be a will o’ the wisp, a flickering light in the Dead Marshes that when followed to its source revealed the pallid faces of men whose dreams had drowned with them.

Maybe such hallowed memories should be left to rest in unsullied peace. The past might be only that, the past, and not a gateway to a future they’d been forced once to turn their backs on. Love, their fragile hearts whispered, might be gone beyond recall.

But what if it wasn’t? There was only one way to find out.

They moved in concert, reaching for each other across the lost years and the disappointed hopes. Their lips met first, hesitant, searching for the once familiar shaping through the layers left by the lovers who had come in between. It took only an instant to find it, for the perfect rightness of their kiss to sear away every other touch and taste, to give Sean back his voice and Elijah his confidence.

Face to face they fell back on the bed, Elijah moving over Sean fierce and urgent, and Sean doing the talking for both of them, saying what they knew beyond all doubting to be true.

It was still, and always would be, now and forever, about love.