Earth and Sky by Lbilover

Written in 2014 for the Tolkien Read Along bingo prompt 'Harfoots, Stoors, and Fallohides'.

Sam is fascinated by Frodo's naked body. His skin is milk-white and so fine that he can trace the blue veins with his finger like the rivers and streams that crisscross one of Mr. Bilbo's maps. He becomes absorbed in the journey until Frodo asks with some bemusement, 'Sam, what are you doing?'

Sam blushes. 'You're so pale. Like the first snowfall of winter.'

'It's my Fallohide blood,' says Frodo. 'I could use a good dose of Harfoot.' He runs an admiring hand over Sam, who shivers at his touch. 'You're golden as the midday sun, my Sam. Except,' he adds, cupping his hand beneath Sam's sac and letting his shaft rest across his outspread fingers, 'here. Here you're a sunset, fiery red and purple.'

'And you're sunrise, all pink and lavender,' Sam says, taking Frodo's shaft in turn. 'And perfect as you are, Frodo. I'd not change a thing about you, not a blessed thing.'

Frodo moans softly as Sam gently strokes him, then closes his fingers around Sam and matches him stroke for stroke. They roll onto their sides so that they are facing and, touching nothing and nowhere else, bring each other slowly, deliciously to fullness.

'Ah-ahhhh.' With a hitching sob of breath, Frodo's eyes close and he arches into Sam's hand and spills liquid pearls of cloudy white over those brown fingers. Sam follows moments later with a hoarser cry, and his seed is nearly invisible on Frodo's pale fingers. Their seed-sticky hands meet and grip, fingers entwining, and they bend their heads, ebony and golden, to lick away the mingled evidence of their love.

When they're done, they lie together pale skin on dark skin, and as sky and earth meet and marry at the far horizon, so too do Frodo and Sam become one.