Dreams of Home, by Lbilover

Written for the Dictionary.com word of the day 'nostomania', which means an irresistible compulsion to return home, or intense homesickness.


Sam has never dreamed much. Most nights he's nicely tired from the day's work in the garden and falls into a deep, contented sleep the moment his head hits the pillow. But that's not true now. As exhausted as Sam is from the brutal combination of physical exertion, hunger and constant watchfulness, he nevertheless dreams. The dreams are of home: of Bag End, the garden, the old kitchen at Number Three, and most of all of Frodo. The Frodo he'd known growing up: light-hearted and quick to laugh, with a spring in his step and a sparkle in his eyes.

He wakes to a reality that is cruel by comparison, and at times nostomania nearly overwhelms him, especially when he looks at his master, pale and worn, head bowed beneath his burden. Sam longs to snatch Frodo up in his arms and run for home, run and keep on running until they reach the safety and security of Bag End.

Only, there is no safety and security in that direction now, nor in any other, not until Frodo completes the task laid upon him at the Council. But then, ah then, Sam thinks, they can go home at last. Frodo will grow plump and rosy of cheek again, and the sparkle will return to his eyes, the spring to his step and the laughter to his lips. Everything will be as it once was, and they'll forget about the dark days and Sauron's ring.

Sam is certain of it.

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