Constants by Lbilover

Every morning when they’re in the bathroom, Elijah studies his reflection in the mirror. It’s not a question of vanity, for Elijah, unlike every other actor Sean knows (himself included), doesn’t possess one scrap of that self-destructive emotion.

No, he’s simply deciding which Elijah will set foot outside their front door that day.

Perhaps he’ll shave his newly full beard, or reduce it to a dapper-looking goatee, or trim it close so that it defines the line of his jaw instead of hiding it. He might shorten his mustache, or remove it altogether. Choose this day to go clean-shaven, so he can start all over again tomorrow. Cut his bangs, or let them keep growing to near hobbit-length. Put gel in his hair and punk it up. Die it all black or some other color that suits his fancy.

Sean has never known anyone to take such delight in constantly experimenting with his looks, and for no apparent reason other than that he can. The way Elijah embraces change is baffling and fascinating to Sean, for his on-going battle with fluctuating weight makes him cling to any constants in his own appearance. He doubts that he’ll really ever understand this aspect of Elijah.

But when desire sparks in the blue eyes that meet his in the mirror, and passion flares furnace-hot in an embrace that ends with them spent and panting on the cool tile, it isn’t necessary to understand.

Because Elijah’s love is the one constant that never changes.