Color Coded by Lbilover

A bit of wish fulfillment fic based on the EW reunion a couple of years ago.


"Do you remember back in the day when everyone thought you and Dom were lovers?" Sean asked.

Elijah, in the process of pulling on a tee shirt, let out a groan as his head popped free. "Do you have to remind me? Everything Dom and I did then was supposedly a secret code - from the messages Dom wrote on his hands to the color of our clothes. Then of course there was my ring that Dom supposedly gave me." Elijah rolled his eyes.

"All the while your fans were missing what was right under their noses," Sean said, chuckling as he assumed his own tee shirt.

"That's why I never minded. Dom was a fantastic red herring."

"So what do you think they'll make of our clothes?" Sean gestured from his blue shirt to Elijah's golden-brown one. "Not exactly subtle, are we?"

"Fuck subtle." Elijah went to Sean and looped his arms around his neck. "I want our fans to know you're my guy again. No secret codes, no hiding behind beards."

"Let the sun shine in, huh?" Sean joked, but his eyes that matched the color of Elijah's shirt so perfectly were entirely serious.

"We hid in the shadows too long, Sean. I won't do that anymore." And his eyes that matched the color of Sean's shirt so perfectly were also entirely serious.

After the photo shoot, they exited the hotel together, strolling along the crowded sidewalk in their color coded shirts and unashamedly holding hands.

They wanted the world to see.