Caravan of Love: Two Coins in the Fountain, by Lbilover

Their visit to Rome is successful beyond their wildest dreams. Italians are nothing if not appreciative of beauty, and Elijah pushes every button with his angelic looks and his romantic guitar playing. Euros fall into his guitar case like raindrops, and a snowfall of white rosebuds piles up at his feet. Sean loses count of the number of times Elijah is propositioned in bad English; it becomes almost comical, and Elijah quickly learns to say in Italian, "Sorry, I'm already taken," and to translate "Ah, my poor heart! I'm devastated," (and numerous variations thereof) into English.

Before they leave, with a nest egg large enough to continue on to Portugal, where they intend to rent a villa in the Algarve for a few weeks and be lazy, Elijah drags him to the Trevi Fountain.

"We have to throw a coin in, Sean. The legend says that if you do, you'll definitely visit Rome again."

"But I don't know if I want to, Elijah," Sean protests. "All these gorgeous Italians hitting on you right, left and center... It's hell, I tell you."

Elijah laughs and fishes a silver 50 cent coin from his pocket. "Nevertheless, I'm going to throw one in." He tosses the coin underhanded; it winks in the sunlight as it turns over and over, then with a small splash it vanishes. "I'll do anything and everything I can to make sure we come back, not just to Rome, but to all the places we've traveled. I don't ever want us to settle down for good or settle for less, Sean. I don't ever want us to become conventional."

"You're a busker at heart and always will be, aren't you?" Sean says softly. "As for me, I'm the busker's lover and I'll go wherever he goes, wherever the road leads us." He takes another 50 cent piece from his pocket and balances it on his fingertips. "How about a second coin for luck?" he asks. Then he flicks it toward the fountain with his thumb and forefinger.

As it spins through the air, Sean thinks about making a wish, but realizes he doesn't have to. The answer to every wish he's ever had is standing right there beside him.

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