Caravan of Love: Nomads, by Lbilover

They discovered that train stations often made the best locale for a busker to set up shop. Regardless of the country or city, people seemed more inclined to pause and listen to Elijah play, and then express their appreciation for his genius with a generous hand. Sean never found it boring. He loved trains and he loved to meet people; add his gorgeous young lover playing hauntingly beautiful music into the mix, and the hours flew past.

Family and friends reacted with horror to his nomadic existence kicking around Europe in a small blue caravan and living hand-to-mouth. They called it a waste and begged him please, for god's sake to see sense and come home. But he didn't agree. The waste lay in the years he'd spent pretending to everyone, but especially himself, that he was straight, and in trying to be a conventional husband and provider.

Home is where the heart is.

The cliche might be old and tired, but every cliche was based on a universal truth. Maybe someday he and Elijah would return and settle down in one place, but for now they carried their home with them - and that made perfect sense to Sean.

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