Cabin Pressure Fan Fiction by Lbilover

  • Hard Habit To Break - Arthur has one habit that Martin can't seem to break. Romantic Comedy. Martin/Arthur pairing. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • Mickey Mouse Air - It's Martin's birthday, and he's always wanted a surprise party. Surprise! Humor. Rating: General audiences. Words: 1727.
  • Motley Crew - What keeps Gerti flying. Rating: General audiences. Words: 100.
  • Copilots with Benefits - Martin thinks he has the situation with Douglas under control. He's wrong. Douglas/Martin pairing. Angst, Romance. Rating: Mature. Words: 2526.
  • Martin's Day - A day in the life of 12 year-old Martin Crieff. Rating: General audiences. Words: 2887.
  • Pluto or bust - What exactly does that white area on Pluto look like, anyway? Rating: General audiences. Words: 150.
  • The Retiring Sort - Martin worries about what Douglas will do when he retires. Douglas/Martin pairing. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.